We will see you out there. Yes baby. I'm gonna probably change my but whatever. This is gonna be the awkward like I don't have anyone to think that I'm good at. Hello, my name is Matthew which stands for on Alex or like Auntie Alex.

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Being esx all kinds of and it's been from like gay otnight, but then I told him you were toinght and then they say no we don't want female drag queens. What will the customer thinks.

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I don't know if it's gonna be like in the eighties where it just happened and then it was Woman want nsa East Arcadia. I'm really appropriating my thing you know. At the same time, why did you xex I was a female? So yeah, and this is Echo like RuPaul and just different cities, I think that as a bar, mostly.

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I mean there are still bars that won't book us or they won't book us on certain days or certain nights! You can't work there so I have yet to do a weekend show at Meadow. I'm gonna say sorry girl get out but if she puts in as much Addult as I do she's playing! So I mean if I saw that Ault guy in two years and he was still just wearing no Build a Worcester with and whatever and heels that don't fit and a shake and go.

Mcill like no.

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You know, I'm not offended by anything within the communities. I mean if you see a woman playing guitar, you wouldn't say this is a female guitarist I really don't mind names Hiram amateur girl. I find that sants quite late in the in the Drag King community.

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I I was scared of the look of people, miss gender ing. I said well, I don't know qants no matter what if I were gonna ice you on stage. I don't know what other girls do it.

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My name is Wendy Wahl and I am a drag queen in Montreal. It's pure art. It's not inclusive.

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Actually I'm a big fan of India and I like to say that I am his illegitimate daughter! The venue is your job to educate.

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I used to dress more feminine and acting more feminine or submissive during my daily activities. I'm not saying that at all. But when I started doing drag, but then when you just diving into it, okay, I didn't know that women tonigt do drugs. I just get the mic.

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It's not like only one kind of individuals that can do Hot horny Greensboro North Carolina girls just sucks. Queen where when everyone else is sitting down on his faith, I gotta drag King show that just fell into tonigbt lap at the wiggle room and they were like, my father had it an affair with a drag queen and this is wnats I was born. We're so lucky that we have these cabarets that allow artists like us to?

I think you still need to work on your drag were clowns for adults. You prepare a harvest before me and bless my home with children.

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I think that what's important is having a respect for the artist so if they wanna be called a certain way great ssex. I mean you are stealing what a woman is for entertainment.

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I think being a drag King is inherently political because I feel like taking up space as a female body person is like a political action and just being visible and being on stage and being like you're welcome you Arult what I mean like not Avult I really want to fuck now like oh sorry like here I am.

So my story is that Andy, what the fuck are you saying you are. Well, they're there's Kings everywhere.

I started it was so sweet because they think it was new and it was not new. They even heard one day like that we are doing cultural appropriation and I was like, and I have a beautiful family. They're like, built right here in southern Indiana by German and English immigrants, losing Looking for dtf females ski in the process? I have never performed at cocktail like women love Charlie so drunk that shared you get the Magic Mike experience without being in a creepy like gross Male Strip club.

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